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'Work hard and keep walking' Mr Akram M Shaikh

Mr Akram Shaikh"If one has envisioned one's goals and wishes to transform them into reality, then all you need to do is to work hard and keep walking at every junction of obstacles you face"- such is the 'never say die' attitude of Mr Akram M Shaikh, Commissioner for Maritime Affairs for the Union of Comoros Administration.

In spite of being bestowed with high honours, Mr. Shaikh puts a visitor at complete ease with his simple and humble nature. This successful shipping magnate, aspiring to build an empire, believes that the world is one family. A proud Indian at heart, Mr Shaikh was recently in Mumbai to promote the Comoros Registry to the Indian shipping industry.

In a tête-à-tête with Delphine Estibeiro from Marex Media, he gives us a brief background on the inception of the Registry, the purpose of setting up an office in the country, his achievements and his message to youngsters:

Inception of the Comoros Registry …

I was appointed as the Commissioner of Maritime Affairs of the Union of Comoros Administration on 12th October 1999. I had then convinced the Government of Comoros to start an Open Registry for Shipping, which was established in a year's time with the implementation of the Merchant Shipping Act of the Union of Comoros. The Registry's headquarters were set up in 2000 at Sharjah and Dubai in the UAE.

I have signed a 25 year agreement with the Government of Comoros that is extendable by another 25 years. We have set up the Deputy Commissioner of Maritime Administration offices in Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Greece, India, Iran, Lebanon, Singapore, Turkey, Russia and Ukraine under my direct supervision, and with the backing of the Government of the Republic of the Union of Comoros. Comoros has registered 1000 vessels and is in the 'White list' of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO).

Setting up office in India …

A proud Indian myself, I firmly believe that the Indian market is growing tremendously. In addition, we have a huge number of highly qualified and intelligent people over here, whereas it is very difficult to get competent individuals worldwide. The office in Mumbai will cater to the Technical Division and administration of the Comoros Flag. Once again, I will say that this proud Indian will promote India in whichever way I can. Jai Hind and Jai Maharashtra!

Message to the industry and youngsters …

To the industry: Comoros is your registry and we provide our services 24 by 7. All decisions are taken by the Mumbai and Sharjah offices. We are very transparent in our dealings and work as a family.

To the youngsters, I would like to say that if you aspire to achieve a blend of success and recognition in your professional life with a dash of the extraordinary, then the ladder of success is just one step ahead of you...all you have to do is work hard and just keep walking; this philosophy at work has built up the impetus and kept me going.

Personal background

Born on 20th October 1953 in Mumbai, I did my schooling at St Teresa's High School and then went on to secure a First Class Diploma in Engineering from St Mary's Technical Academy. In 1978, I worked as a junior engineer in the Iran based Aryan National Shipping Lines, which was a government company. I thereafter took up a post as Assistant Manager in Oyster Marine Management. With a desire to be self employed and contribute to society, I set up my own company 'Intershipping Services' in Ajman, UAE; this was followed by Union Marine Classification Services LLC. All operated under my day to day supervision and able administrative managements in Dubai, Sharjah and Mumbai.

I am grateful to the Almighty for bestowing me with success; in return, I sponsor education for young lads who join the shipping industry. I have the honour of helping at least three quarters of a million people in Comoros with medical equipment, sponsoring Comorians to work in international shipping and in supporting the Government of Comoros to start small scale industries through local and international contacts. Lastly, I have built a mosque.

My personal motto for success involves a combination of passion, ambition, sincerity, honesty, dedication, hard work and- above all- a faith in God. The success that I have achieved today is all because of a very strong support system that I have: It consists of my wife Sayeeda Akram Shaikh and my three sons.

"Comoros' USP is cost effectiveness and timely deliverance" -Capt. Pandit

Captain Sanjay Pandit, Director of Operations, Comoros Shipping Services Private Limited, has sailed for 17 years, after which he worked in manning with Seaspan. For the last 3 years, he has been working for Comoros as an auditor before being promoted to Director of Operations.

Speaking to us, Capt. Pandit spoke about the team at Comoros, its functions, and emphasised the significance of setting up an office in India.

Introducing Comoros India

Mr Akram ShaikhComoros India is fortunate to have Mr Hysham Shaikh- Deputy Commissioner for Maritime Affairs of Comoros- appointed to India. A business graduate who has majored in finance, he has been working in the Head Office as an administrative manager and is the financial head there.

What makes Comoros better than the other flags of convenience?

Comoros is in the 'White list' of the IMO and we have our offices in different parts of the world. Our clients can be taken care of effectively and efficiently and our rates are very competitive as compared to the other flags.

Due to the spread of our offices at strategic locations and our qualified, dedicated and professional teams, currently more than 1000 vessels are being handled smoothly by us; this varied fleet includes oil tankers, chemical tankers, gas carriers, bulk carriers, general cargos, dredgers, ro-ro passengers, casino vessels- even a yacht.

Another important point is that opening an office in Mumbai will allow us to deliver certificates within 48 hours, provided that all documents given by clients are in order. Our motto is 'service before self'.

What do you offer the Indian market?

We can give them expertise on technical matters; we have surveyors spread out all over India. Apart from that, we have all the major classification societies including the IACS societies that have been appointed as our RO's- recognised organisations. Even the Indian Register of Shipping is one of our recognised organisations.

We have a strong network of surveyors across India and other parts of the world. We know how to control costs. Comoros' USP is cost effectiveness and timely deliverance.

Courtesy: Marex Media

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